Barnett isnt cleared to fight!!!

  1. Barnett isnt cleared to fight!!!

    SO California State Athletic Commission says Josh tested positive for something again. Possible replacements that Affliction is trying are Vitor Belfort and Bobby Lashley. Vitor is way small fighting middleweight and Bobby has fought only a few fights. Who do you guys think is going to replace Barnett? or rather who would make this a reasonable fight?? With a week worth of notice I dont see this being anything but a beating....Big Tim for the rematch?

  2. o crap didnt see the other thread

  3. He is fighting Vitor.

  4. Big timmy for a rematch LMFAO.. Hes not even a top 10 after his Mercer loss..

  5. FYI, Josh tested positive for


  6. materon/superdrol

  7. Don Frye was trying to make a case to use him as a replacement, that would have been a Fedor induced bloodbath haha. Ill never get tired of watching Frye vs. Takayama. Sucks Vitor is gonna come in sooo light, his only chance is the 1st minute all out blitz lol


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