Buying W.E.C. ppv ?

  1. Buying W.E.C. ppv ?

    Th ufc's baby brother mma promotion World Extreme Cagefighting is supposed to host their first ever pay-per-view event sometime later this year . It will most likely be headlined by a meeting of the winners of the Brown vs Faber II , and Aldo vs Swanson matchups . I'm curious how much of an interest there is in paying for WEC on ppv instead of watching the Versus channel . Personally I believe Zuffa should air more undercard fights on the UFC ppv cards and give us our money's worth , so I won't be buying any WEC events anytime soon . I dont want to get shafted there too . Thoughts ?

  2. i think they could make more from comercials than ppv. also UFC does give you the undercard they always come on after the mainevent for me. all except 1 or 2 usually

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