Strikeforce anyone ?

  1. Strikeforce anyone ?

    Is it just me or is the June 6 Strikeforce card have some potential ? Lawler vs. Shields , Diaz vs. Hands of Steel Smith , Baroni vs. Diesel Riggs , and Randleman vs. Whitehead all on the main card . I think this would be a good event for casual fans to get a taste of MMA outside the UFC .

  2. It could be said that they're all washouts from the UFC, but I do agree with you. The main problem is the match ups don't make any sense. MW vs WW; LW/WW vs MW, etc.
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  3. Good point on the matchmaking being F'd up . I just like to spread the gospel of MMA outside the UFC . No doubt UFC is the epitome thereof but Scott Smith is physically incapable of having a boring fight and IMHO some of the best scraps to date this year have been outside that particular octogon . Couldn't hurt to tune in if you have the showtime package anyways .

  4. You're preaching to the Archbishop there. I've watched parts of almost every major event and have rekindled my love for K-1 as well.
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by Rodja View Post
    It could be said that they're all washouts from the UFC, but I do agree with you. The main problem is the match ups don't make any sense. MW vs WW; LW/WW vs MW, etc.

    HEY HEY not JAKE Dana actually wants him but couldnt get around the elite contract Ofcourse I may be a bit biased when it comes to fighters from cesar LOL

  6. im ready to see baroni fight

  7. again that is...

  8. also as of yesterday andre arlovski is fighting brett rogers on the same card .

  9. Isnt Tito fighting in Strike Foce soon as well?

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Whacked View Post
    Isnt Tito fighting in Strike Foce soon as well?
    I'm pretty sure Scott Coker is interested in signing him however it would hinge on Tito shutting that enormous mouth of his and actually putting something in ink I have tons of respect for Tito and what he has done for the sport but sometimes the talking gets old .

  11. Baroni made Riggs look like a great fighter. Biggest ***** move taking phil down in the last 5 seconds.

    I'm only 2 fights in and I'm totally baffled by Big John. He lets whitehead's fat ass lay on Kevin for 45 seconds and doesn't stand them up. But the Phil/Riggs fight he stands up when Phil is getting punches in.


    Shields over Lawler, with a guillotine
    Rogers over Arlovski via TKO
    Riggs over Baroni via UD
    Diaz over Smith via SUB - RNC.

  13. gotta say the only fight worth while imo was Diaz v. Smith, as both are always gonne give a good fight. I also hate to say it, but we finally rid ourselves of AA and his glass jaw?
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  14. god i wanted arloski to win damnit hes going to drop ranks now. whats his deal? backing up not movinghis head josh said? it was pretty good fights i thought./ i enjoyed it. the strikeforce i went to in san jose was badass as well.

  15. This wasn't too bad over all. I think I didn't call any of the fights.
    I like that little conversation between the announcer and fat body Rogers had about all his embarrassing life achievements like where he used to work. The guy just knocked out the number 2 HW in the world and the best thing that announcer could say was, so ya quit working at Del Taco..... HOW DO YOU FEEL NOW? Might as well have told the world he had a gay porn collection too.


  17. I knew I should have put money on the AA/Rogers fight. The line was so good and AA has rarely held his end against anyone with huge KO power.
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  18. Gurgel and Heun were awesome last night!
    Kaufman's pretty mean too... i wouldn't fighter her.

  19. i would. at 235.


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