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    Hey everyone,

    Hopefully you guys can help me out, i am a 19 year old aspiring MMA fighter who has been conditioning and training for 18 months. I train MMA skills and lift weights, run and stretch - so i believe i am preparing myself adequately for a fight based on the fact that i am always working to increase my muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, and flexibility.

    I am 5'' foot 9'' and weigh about 167, this last year when i focused more on weight training i reached 183 pounds but then quickly realized it would be a mistake to try and compete at this weight based on my height. so now i want to fight at 165 pounds but be stronger than i was at 183 - i will know when that is once i can bench press 225 pounds 20 times.

    I would like to request any helpful input on MMA training and and conditioning i can do when i am not in the gym besides the obvious like push ups and shadow boxing - because i wont have access to any weights or tools for the next 2 weeks.

    The supplements i currently take on a regular basis are ...

    -whey protein_ 1 serving/33grams at least 3 times throughout the day
    -L glutamine__ about 7 grams throughout the day mixed in w/ my protein
    -AGX sports product_ RAW MCC which is a magnesium reacted creatine designed to yield "rapid strength and hardened muscles" _ 4 grams a day mixed in w/ protein
    -AGX sports product_ "amplify 02" ( nitric oxide, creatine ethel ester and focus amplifier)_ 1 serving 30-45 minutes before workout
    -Myo Shcok (by muscle tech) (so far is crap) 1 serving 30-45 minutes before workout
    - animal pack _ one serving in the morning when i wake up and another post workout

    here is where i need some info, the next two supplements are test boosters_ i need to know if i need to cycle them w/ anything or if they will mess up my hormones in any fashion

    -tribulus 1,000 mg _ one in morning one later in day
    -cryotest (by muscletech) one serving in morning and one before workout

    i would really like to know what you guys think of this stack. what is crap? (muscletech hha) and what is good?

    also any info on the two test boosters would be a huge help b/c i don't really understand how they work ...

    what else could i be taking to see some lean muscle mass gains? that is reasonable and not illegal

    also any fellow martial artists that wish to share some tips on how to train when going on a trip where all u have is your own body would to work with would be very helpful

    thanks so much you guys, this is my first post, sry its so long and random..



  2. Why do you take cryotest? Muscletech is a waste, and you don't need a test booster

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Sinon View Post
    Why do you take cryotest? Muscletech is a waste, and you don't need a test booster
    Why doesn't he need a test booster?
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  4. When I train for a comp or just to get in really good condition my stack was,
    Anabolic Edge
    Activate Xtreme
    Powerfull, Pre-workout
    1-C, before bed
    Super cissus
    I loved it
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Rodja View Post
    Why doesn't he need a test booster?
    because he is 19.

    FWIW: Conditioning based on running will only leave you with an empty gas tank when it comes to fight time. You need to learn how to do fight specific HIIT exercises. Nothing even comes close. Also i hope you have good (experienced) guys to train with.



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