1. TUF 9

    Havent seen an "official" thread on this yet.

    Thoughts so far?

    Im from the UK by the way, just watched episode 4 and my thoughts so far are:

    • Bisping must seem like a total **** to most of the viewers, however im from the UK and get his "humour" and why he does what he does.
    • UK guys look much more hungry, US guys look like its their god given right to be there
    • Dan hendo is indifferent to his team, the only time i see some fire in his eyes is when he talks about smashing bisping
    • The level of overall talent seems "lesser" this season from both sides
    • Demarques (sp) is my new favourite person to hate, he gets under my skin, much like Bisping probably does to the USA guys
    • Andre from the UK and the ginger guy with curly hair from the US stand out to me
    • I think there will be a lot of confrontation in the house, with drink in the equation i can see the UK guys fighting with some of the US guys, particularly the guys playing jokes. We have a weird sense of humour us Brits, but if it seems like we are being punked or taken for mugs it can turn nasty, quickly. Prime candidates for this are Ross (UK) and demarques (US).
    • Bisping will lose to Hendo and i think he knows its going to be a tough fight from his language, but it will be closer like the Sugar fight
    • Also LOL'd @ the irony of hendos coach telling the guy from episode 4 that Mills from the UK doesnt really kick and when he does has little power, then he got KO'd by a simply low kick dummy.
    • UK guys are in **** when it goes to the ground imo, the guy from last night is apparently a ground fighter or he favours the ground, i saw some decent ground and pound with elbows but the sub attempts? Jesus.

    Please add some of your own...

  2. I don't even watch this show anymore. It's silly.

  3. they pick the more punk ass type of guys for US and i know they are going to look bad. the UK seems a lot more united. the US guy should of won last show how did he not KO him! the UK guys are funny and I think they will do better.

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