Report: UFC possibly headed to Australia for February 2010 show
by Staff on Apr 23, 2009 at 10:28 am ET

The Ultimate Fighting Championship could make its first-ever trip to the nation and continent of Australia for a show in February 2010.

The report comes from Fighter's Only.

According to the report, a source from Acer Arena (formerly known as the Sydney SuperDome) in Sydney said venue officials have been contacted about a February booking. reported as early as June 2007 that the UFC was hoping to host a future show in Australia. UFC President Dana White again mentioned it as a possibility in late 2008 while citing the country's solid TV ratings for UFC events.

Acer Arena, part of Sydney Olympic Park, can accommodate more than 21,000 fans, which could help create one of the UFC's largest crowds outside of Montreal.

During this past weekend's UFC 97 event, White also mentioned France as one of the organization's upcoming stops.

The UFC will soon head to Germany (for UFC 99), which will be the seventh country to host an event. Past shows have been held in the U.S., Japan, Brazil, the U.K., Canada and Ireland.
Hopefully this deal won't get shutdown by the Australian Medical Association (who try to outlaw any sort of physical contact), our sensationalist media or our nanny state government. The newspapers will have a field day with their headlines..... human cockfighting etc.

Too bad it's in Sydney tho, but I'll still be there, even if i have to walk across the Nullabor to get to it.