Debuting MMA Fighter with no arms and no legs

  1. Debuting MMA Fighter with no arms and no legs

    I'm not offering an opinion on this, just sharing the link.

    Congenital amputee Kyle Maynard's long road to Saturday's MMA debut - MMA - Yahoo! Sports

  2. I saw this kid on HBO. A hell of an athlete amputee or not. However, logically it seems his disability will slow him down much more in an MMA setting compared to his wrestling. Then again, you never know.

    I admire his ambition and drive. Many able bodied people don't have that.

  3. Who is he fighting? Cant click link.

  4. Thats takes a lot of courage. I sure as hell wouldnt want to fight him though, definitely a lose/lose situation. Either you beat up a limbless person or get beaten up by a limbless person, I dont know which one is worse. I remember there was a kid at some of my high school wrestling tournaments who was deaf,blind, covered in severe burns and had fake legs. He was actually pretty good.

  5. i don't see how he could possibly win. I give him props for trying but the rules are changed so he can fight, no knees and no kicks to the face.

  6. I think it'd be hard for his opponent, psychologically. I mean, if they fighter under standard MMA rules, then what's to stop then guy from being able to run circles and toss out a low kick to the head here & there

    Mad courage, yes, but I don't know how well people within the MMA community, let alone without, would react to seeing a limbless guy catch a KO. Again, mad courage, but man

  7. i read an article where a promoter was saying that he had incredible knock out power. I really have to question that as he has no elbow joints. The promoter which remains unidentified is basically being accused of selling a freak show. Unforntunately i think people are right. Sadly, I want to see this too because I am curious to see how it will go. I just think what the hell will their strategies be (both fighters). Its hard to find limbless sparring/rolling partners nowadays lol.
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  9. Imagine getting taken out by a devastating flying-nub?

  10. I like how they still weigh the same even though one guy has no arms or legs.

  11. so who won?

    edit: I found it. here is a write up by John Morgan on Yahoo sports.

    Despite all the hype, all the questions, all the concerns of safety and regulations heading into the professional MMA debut of congenital amputee Kyle Maynard, the final product failed to answer many questions other than, "What happens if Maynard can't take his opponent down?"

    The inspirational former high school wrestler and ESPY award winner for Best Athlete with a Disability may be forced to recognize his limitations in MMA following a unanimous-decision loss in the main event of Saturday's Auburn Fight Night in Auburn, Ala.

    The card was held at the Auburn Covered Arena and was broadcast live on an internet pay-per-view broadcast.

    Described by event commentators as having a "tin roof, barn next to us, a little hay and no poop on the floor," the venue had a dirt floor, a square cage and a hammer and a metal pipe serving as the official bell.

    But when congenital amputee Kyle Maynard made his way to the cage, the focus went from the shortcomings of the facility to the challenges of the main event fighter.

    Although not part of the original plan, Maynard did not wear gloves to the cage. Commentators blamed humidity as a potential culprit, citing a difficulty in securing the gloves to Maynard's appendages. As such, Maynard was ruled unable to throw strikes with his genetically shortened arms.

    Maynard was carried in on the back of his cornerman to a loud ovation from the gathered crowd, but it was the last positive moment for the Georgia resident.

    While the crowd in attendance was obviously disappointed at the course of action, Maynard's opponent, Bryan Fry, stuck to an effective gameplan. Refusing to go to the floor with Maynard, Fry played matador to his opponent's charging bull backing away from Maynard's repeated takedown rushes while peppering his face with jabs.

    Maynard's face showed obvious frustration at the end of the opening round, and Fry refused to back down from the strategy.

    Maynard frantically picked up the pace in spots, but he simply could not close the distance on his opponent and work the fight to the mat. Maynard's inability to strike had little impact on the outcome, and the debuting fighter dropped a unanimous decision.

    The two combatants hugged briefly following the announcement, and Fry understandably competing in a no-win situation offered a show of support before exiting the cage to a chorus of boos.

    Maynard, who will certainly need to go back to the drawing board should he choose to continue an unsanctioned MMA career, held on to his trademark class when addressing the crowd following the contest.

    "Thank you guys for coming out and supporting this," Maynard said. "This was one of my biggest dreams, and I fell short tonight."

  12. This guy is big on working with our Wounded Warriors returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. He may not be able to be Pro MMA, but a badass none the less in my eys.
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