Fedor Emelianenko vs Brock Lesnar.

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    Maybe Chuck can get out of his contract by Aug 15th and pack on more weight and get a go at him.
    this has to be some inside joke im missing out on right!? you can't be serious. that would be the worst/most one-sided fight of all time. could this in any way be an entertaining fight for anyone other than chuck haters who just want to see him instantaneously dismembered in the ring?

    chuck needs to stop assaulting my eyes w/ his inability to do anything but an overhand right. i got it 3 years ago, and i get it now. he might as well just stand there twirling his f$cking arms like a helicopter and daring people to come get him.

  2. Serious in that he'll only get fight's once he's out of his contract should he choose to continue fighting and companies like Strikeforce/Affliction(if it lasts)/maybe Dream(though they seem to have good fighters so I'd advise against this),etc will be his only avenue's to go to. Obviously this match up would be almost impossible weight wise let alone ability. Although Dream had some crazy weight match ups so you can't say never But nobody is implying that chuck would give Fedor a run for his money. Say for ****s and giggles that Chuck did join Affliction... you can't tell me that they wouldn't entertain the thought of this match up. It might just be the fight that saves their shirt selling asses.



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