1. Talking BJ VS KEN FLO-O SH*T!!!

    "the teacher vs the student" just like kenny florian said. there set to fight in August. This is gonna be a sick fight it should have came sooner i think. Of course i gotta root for my island boy BJ , however, i think kenny might be too dangerous with those elbows. If Bj can avoid tying up with him i think hes got it but otherwise kennys takin this by decision. What do you guys see happening..BJ Penn fans you better stand up!:bruce2:

  2. I want Ken Flo to win. I can't relate with BJ's lame work ethic.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Emerge View Post
    I want Ken Flo to win. I can't relate with BJ's lame work ethic.
    Same, He's got so much damn talent but he's lazy and a fukin sook. Go Kenny!

  4. I'm rooting for Ken Flo, but I don't think that'll happen... Unfortunally.

    I'll take BJ with a TKO in 3rd round after a few GnP in the first couple rounds.

    I'll be cheering for Ken though.

  5. I dont think BJ's work ethic is that bad. HE dominated SHerk, and didnt seem gassed. HE ran into arguably the best p4p fighter in the world, and got annhiliated. I think he beats Kenny fairly easily by the end of the 2nd rd tko. There is no one at 155 who will challenge him when motivated.
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  6. Will he be motivated though?

  7. I dont THINK Kenny will win,I only want him too. Then BJ can do some more laps round his island with everyone telling him how great he is

  8. It will be interesting to say the least. Looking forward to it!

  9. I think he wil be motivated. coming off that loss to gsp i think hes determined to prove himself, hes got that type of personality. this is gonna be a sick fight either way.

  10. i saw bj this weekend here in honolulu at a surf ocean expo he seemed real cool and in good shape, didnt get to talk to him, but if he comes motivated which he will ,then its sleepy time in the frist round for kenflo

  11. Does Kenny still have the entrance with "the good the bad and the Ugly" music and the Japanese Samurai sword? I love that entrance especially since just about everybody else comes out with their sponsor printed on their forehead.

    I got Florian picked for the win. If I was gonna bet money I would put it on BJ but I really really hope Kenny whoops his ass.

  12. BJ will dominate. He's dropping a weight class (from 170) and he has walked right through everyone he's faced at that weight. IMO St. Pierre manhandled Penn, but St. Pierre will manhandle anyone at this point of his career at 170.

    BJ's true weight class is 155. There is just no one to challenge him at that weight class. Just like there is no one to challenge A. Silva at 185.

  13. ken flo by descision from dancing in and out a la Griffin over Page fight.


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