Mental preparation techniques for fighting

  1. Mental preparation techniques for fighting

    I was wondering what some of you guys do to prepare yourself mentally for upcoming bouts, whether it be MMA or otherwise. I'm preparing for my first shooto match atm, scheduled in about 2 months.

    My background is mostly in Muay Thai (6 yrs on and off), but i recently started training BJJ (Dec 2008) fulltime to work on my ground game, with the intention of heading to MMA in the future. The opportunity to compete in this shooto fight came up last nite, and I've jumped at the chance. My opponent is from another BJJ club, and has more grappling experience than myself, but not heaps. And from everything i hear, his striking ability is not as good as mine.

    I know i don't have much BJJ under my belt, but i do have 3 amateur fights in MT (2-1), so i plan to keep the fight standing as much as i am able. I have a decent ability off my back to get back to guard, and even throw up a few submissions, or to reverse position and stand back up. I'm currently working on takedown defense as much as possible.

    One thing that has troubled me in my previous fights is that i tend to bring myself down mentally, or tend to peak about a week before or even after my fights.

    Can anyone share their experiences in this area?

  2. personally dont think about it, i know its hard but you have to learn to do it, you need positive people around you telling you that you are going to win, thus that gives you the mentality that you will, i use to tell myself 10times before bed, im going to win i will win i must win and i shall win.
    this think the guy you will fight hasnt train has hard as you asnt sacrifice as much as you and just feed off of it.

    you will learn to get it, to me the best fighters are the ones that can control themselves mentally

  3. My biggest problem is the adrenaline dump that takes 99% of my energy and cardio away.

  4. Yeah, you hear Joe Rogan always talking about "Octagon jitters", and i suppose it's the same when your just starting out. Like i said, i've had 3 amateur MT bouts, and been nervous every time. It helps to have my cornerman telling me to control my breathing. That helps me to stop gassing so quick.

    Any tips to help me peak at the right time?

  5. Relax, its only a fight what is the worst that could happen? Listen to something that keeps you energetic but not too hyped. Don't try to calm yourself down. Eat small non white carb meals, making sure never to get bloat. Try to use your excitement positively. Get some quick carbs 20-30 mins out. practice sprawls ALOT, as well as mount escapes, if you have no ground game. If you get taken down tie up and get the ref to stand you up. Work strikes off the sprawl(such as knees). Will the win. PM me if you would like to talk.



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