Help with working out....and mma

  1. Question Help with working out....and mma

    i posted this in probably the wrong thread b4 this but anyways...well until just recently i only weight lifted 3-4times a week,i am now doing mma training and seem to tired to lift the next day...martial arts is tue,wed,thur, i dont have to go to all but wed i wanna make sure i can go no matter(sparring=)..) what and sat would b ok to miss if i HAD to sence i have to get up early=p but i love going but dont wanna lose size...any suggestions?(extra glutamine,sauna?) should i lift same day as mma? idk just looking for a a balance...thanks!

  2. try lifting the same day light weight tons of reps. matt hughes has a good guide on his website on how he does his weight lifting and mma all in the same day

  3. I literally have no clue what you said. Please make an effort to communicate properly.

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