Nick Diaz Vs Frank Shamrock

  1. Nick Diaz Vs Frank Shamrock

    I like both of these guys alot. True Diaz is a complete degenerate but I guess that is part of his charm. And I have always liked Shamrock. I know alot of you guys don't agree but that guy has kicked some serious ass through his day. I really wish Dana White wasnt such a D-Bag so that Frank would have fought for the Zuffa UFC.

    I got Shamrock picked for the win.

  2. im drivin 3 hours to see it. only 75$. i say shamrock wins he trains like 6 miles from the damn place.

  3. i got my money on shamrock as well.. dat dude can fight

  4. I used to like Shamrock back in the he seems to not even care about fighting the best, but rather to put on a show (which is fine and all)
    I love the Diaz Bros, and hope Diaz wins.
    Diaz actually looked huge compared to Shamrock at the press conference, so should be interesting.

  5. I dislike both guys immensely. However, I think Diaz wins this. He has been more active against better competition.
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  6. both of them are highly entertaining. Shamrock's wit during interviews is hilarious and diaz's unpredictability is very ammusing.

    I wish I could see this so bad. I know that i would be entertained

  7. Diaz is bigger than Frank? Diaz always looked small to me and Frank has always looked swollen.

  8. they both are tools,but i rather see shamrock win!

  9. both families are tools thats why i love to watch them fight! i cant wait for this! any good clubs in san jose??

  10. I'm adding showtime to my At&t package deal for one month which should only be like 7 bucks. Just for this fight. Thats cheap!

  11. way to beat the system but you should just go to someones house.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by bigwhiteguy29 View Post
    way to beat the system but you should just go to someones house.
    I would... but I don't think I know anyone with it that likes MMA and plus if its somewhat of a good fight I can dvr that shi*

  13. i was really happy with these fights. opening fight saw a 2nd round right of the bat knee that K.O.ed a guy al lthe way to the around the world. only 1 decision the whole night. the cyborg fight was an amazing assk icking and awesome in real life. the big black heavy weights very crazyyyy!!! best fight of all(most like UFC) was the scott smith fight was so good huge comeback for him. meledez had a stunning k.o. guy tried to figtht the ref for over a minute after he was outcold with eyes open. then well diaz owned shamrock which was whatever.

  14. I am bummed about Shamrock. I loved that guys style. It looks like it has come to an end. He is the last of an era. It is officially over for the old school guys.

  15. yeah lastnight he really had no style. runnig with his head down. he had no reach at all on nick diaz. yeah its sad gotta love those old school guys

  16. Shamrock seems to have nothing behind his puches. Especially last night and his fight against Cung Le. I know Diaz keeps coming likes a stoned freight train but Shamrocks strikes are about effective as Cyborgs.

  17. My girlfriend kept gabbing about how unfair it must be for shorter fighters to fight taller ones. I'm like no, woman, the guy is old.

  18. shamrock made over 300,000 after this fight! diaz got like 40 something hahahaha

  19. shamrock will put diaz to sleep just like baroni

  20. Quote Originally Posted by roidrandy View Post
    shamrock will put diaz to sleep just like baroni
    Uhh...the fight happened a few weeks ago; Diaz dominated.
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  21. what a moron.

    I was there and diaz dominated the whole time he looked like he didnt even try that hard after the first 2 mins

  22. oh nooooo:[

  23. I am not really surprized by this, Frank has always had a limited skill set and not fought top tier guys in a while.

  24. I liked the Nick vs Diego fight. Unfortunately he didn't win. But the Lawler knockout was like 1 in a million.

    And by that I mean how does someone get knocked out by some patty cake punch.


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