What is your dream fight card?

  1. What is your dream fight card?

    As of now, if you could put together a fight card from every weight category who would you put to fight amongst each other? They don't need to be champions, or even top tier necessarily. This is all about who YOU want to see fight.

  2. It happened already:
    Pride Final Conflict 2005

    M.Ed. Ex Phys


  3. all of these fights would be while all of the fighters were in there prime.

    crop cop vs liddel
    couture vs mark coleman
    mark kerr vs tito ortiz
    don frye vs vitor belfort

    basically my dream card would be the bloodiest slugfest of all time

  4. Two fights I would like to see...pretty much the most dominant fighters in their weight divisions ever! (I think Urijah Fabar will be Mike Brown if they fight again so I listed him).
    I believe at 185, St. Pierre would be stronger or just as strong as Silva and same goes with Fabar/Penn.

    Anderson Silva v. Georges St. Pierre (goes up a weight class)
    Urijah Fabar (goes up a weight class) v. BJ Penn

  5. The card that I would shoot somebody to go watch would be ....

    145lbs Urijah Faber vs Miguel Torres ( even though I know Torres is 135lbs ) I still think he would beat Faber

    BJ Penn vs Dustin Hazelett...I wanna see how Dustin's jiu jitsu matches up against Penn's in the octagon....

    GSP vs Andersen Silva ( catch weight of course )

    Rampage vs Rashad ...I know we was really close to seeing it , I just think it will be a REALLY good fight when it happens

    Fedor vs Randy Couture PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

    Rich Franklin vs Forrest Griffin ...like em both , but would be a great match up ....

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Rodja View Post
    It happened already:
    Pride Final Conflict 2005

    Agreed. I would, however, like to see Lesnar vs.a bear.

  7. BJ Penn vs Urijah Faber would not be fair to Faber ....Penn would kick his ass 10 outta 10times!

  8. way to hard but yall did a good job!

  9. Lol @ Brock vs. a bear. Depending on the species, Brock may have a weight advantage.

  10. GSP vs Silva if GSP moved up
    Bas Rutten vs Fedor
    Lesnar vs Fedor once Lesnar gains more experience
    Couture vs Fedor but I think Couture's age might factor in sooner or later
    Miguel Angel Torres vs Royce Gracie if Torres didn't weight like -2 pounds
    Kazushi Sakuraba vs Royce Gracie again
    Carlos Newton vs Chuck Liddell
    Frank Shamrock vs Ken Shamrock

    that's all i can think of for now

  11. Yeah I wanna see a clean ken shamrock vs frank shamrock for sure! also I wanna see a 180 catch weight GSP and silva

  12. Fedor vs. Lesnor. I want Fedor to beat his ass all the way back to the wwf or where ever he came from.

  13. Mir vs. Fedor
    Anderson vs. Machida
    Chuck vs. Griffin
    Franklin vs. Rashad
    Kongo vs. Lesnar
    Okami vs. Bisping
    Diaz vs. Cerrone
    Fisher vs. Maynard
    Diego vs. Sherk
    Varner vs. Neer


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