Help please

  1. Help please

    Okay so I've decided to start training in some type of mma and I was hoping some of you could help me out. First should I be in really good physical condition when I go in my first day of class or can I go as I am regularly and let my class get me in good shape?

    Second does anyone know of a good place to go to in Alabama?

  2. Go as you are. Don't try to overdue it you will gas out and anyone with more experience will make you pay for it. Just have fun get in shape and learn some cool moves in the process.

  3. Training in some type of mma?

  4. It all really depends on what you plans are for the future. If your trying to persue something in actually getting in the cage/ring and fight, then its best to start training on a daily basis to get into the conditioning you need to be to compete. But MMA doesnt mean you need to compete. Alot of people dont. If I was you I would find a gym, go in there and take some classes, see where you are, and go from there. You dont need to be the best there or even close to it. Just have fun. Over time everything will come together. Skill and experience comes after time, and lots of training. Now if you want to know what are the best things to do to train, I'm sure everyone here is willing to lend their thoughts.

  5. go like how you are, MMA training is gonna whip you into shape, and besides you might not like it, dont invest time and money into something you have never tried, im pretty sure the gym that your gonna go to has some sort of sit in where you go in and watch the class and see how everything go's before u decide on weather or not you want to do it.

    but if you have been sitting on the couch for the past year and think you want to start training then i highly suggest you get running be4 you start.

  6. Go as you are. Any good gym is going to put you up against guys with simular expeirance and size. If they try to throw you to the sharks right away Id find another gym


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