Hendo or Franklin??

  1. Hendo or Franklin??

    Who is taking who?

    I got Hendo via GnP.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  2. Franklin via Ko...believe it. Hendo is gonna eat a big knee

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Brother View Post
    Franklin via Ko...believe it. Hendo is gonna eat a big knee
    Hendo has never been stopped via strikes, its only been due to submissions. I doubt that Rich will be the first.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  4. rich doesnt have the game to stop him by strikes, and I cant see him subbing him. If Rich wins it will be by dec, where he is the busier fighter
    Mr. Supps Board Rep

  5. Hendo by sub.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by luclyluciano View Post
    Hendo by sub.
    I know I make fun of you regularly, but do you realize that in Hendo's 12 years of fighting, he has never won with a submission hold? What is your reasoning behind making that prediction?

  7. I'm honestly picking Hendo by whatever he wants(except submission). I was shocked to see that they were both very small for light heavy. I knew Hendo walked around at about 200 but I thought Franklin was much heavier, only advantage Franklin has is height, and I don't think that will matter all that much.

  8. Both need more wins desperately.

    I'm with Franklin by Decision through sheer heart. I think Hendo's getting too old for this stuff...

  9. Franklin by decision.

  10. Franklin by decision.

  11. I'll go Franklin by decision.

  12. It is not on tv here in Pa. WTF? I do know the spoilers but I wanted to see it
    Mr. Supps Board Rep

  13. Anyone can knock anyone out. If I was Rich after those knees he took from Silva...Id be knee ****ing surgen. Thats just me.... Rich keeps his hands up and times that shoot...Hendo will be looking at the lights. Hendo is a tough fuker too...itll be good.

  14. Hendo round 2 KO.

  15. Damn I predicted a decision but for the wrong person. One judge was 30-27 for Franklin though so it was 'close'..hehehe

  16. that judge was so fuking stupid. i thought the ref was gonig to stop it in a lame way before the fight like pre stoppage. yeah who the F said hendo sudmission? MORON


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