For You Junkies Like Me That Watch It All...

  1. For You Junkies Like Me That Watch It All...

    Free Live Stream: M-1 ‘Final Challenge’

    Thursday, January 08, 2009

    What goes best with your Sunday morning coffee and newspaper?

    Free MMA on!

    The worlds online leader in mixed martial arts is proud to offer a free live stream of Sunday mornings M-1 Final Edition.

    Starting at 10 a.m. PST/1 p.m. EST on Sunday, tune in as broadcasts live from Europe with a nine-bout fight card. Broadcasted Card:
    Radmir Gabdulin vs. Hoon Kim
    Toni Valtonen vs. Chang Seob Lee
    Enoc Solves Torres vs. Seung Bae Whi
    Ricardo Wondel vs. Sang Soo Lee

    HDNet Fights Broadcasted card:
    Bogdan Christea vs. Mikhail Malyutin
    Romano de los Reyes vs. Erik Oganov
    Jason Jones vs. Dmitry Samoilov
    Kamil Uygun vs. Mikhail Zayats
    Jessie Gibbs vs. Alexey Oleinik
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  2. Awsome! I have to go into work this weekend and do nothing so now I can do nothing while watching this until the Chargers game.
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