Amir Sadollah x CB Dollaway

  1. Amir Sadollah x CB Dollaway

    Ok, it's not a rematch, just something that I've noticed in the past.

    If someone missed the UFer finalle between CB and Amir they could swear CB was the winner. UFC has arranged SO MANY FIGHTS for him after the reality show it seems like he's the one that won the title.

    I realize Amir had a leg infection just recently that took him out of these recent cards, but where was him before? Did something happen to him that I'm unaware of?

    Really weird to see CB everywhere and Amir barely getting a decent challenge.


  2. Amir 1-0 is gonna fight Nick Catone 5-0 on Feb 7th, here in Florida, I will be attending that fight most likely

    I noticed that too, CB seems to be "preferred" for some reason, even though Amir is a better fighter...proved it twice.

  3. That is IF you can say Amir Sadollah is really 1-0 hehe. Because the 1 is counted as the ultimate fighter finalle, and truthfuly, I would always start counting just after the show since many of those guys are fighting at a different weight class than they normally would.

    Just looks weird to me. CB has fought 2 times after the finalle and they are already looking for his 3rd, while Amir will get his first bout there in florida, in a UFC Fight Night that holds no real "stars". And CB has fought in this HUGE UFC 92 and in a very good Silva x Irving.

    Talk about UFC politics... Shame

  4. AMir had a fight against catone scheduled a ways back, but one of them (Amir I believe) got sick and it had to be postponed. It had nothing to do with favoritism
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  5. hes livin in it up with that 6 figures haha. also he needed to train harder. he probably worked and trained at the same time. now he gets to just train. i have noticed this but CB seems ready and needs the cash also hes at combat sports(big gym) i dont know where amir is but hes prolly working on uppin the training

  6. Who really cares? Neither of these guys will ever be even remotely significant.

  7. I can easily see Amir being significant in a not too far future. And making for exciting fights and standup battles.

  8. omg hes hurt again...........


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