1. Wand/Page,Liddell/Wand,Page/Liddell!

    Wand beats Page, Liddell beats Wand, Page beats Liddell!

    Explain this paradox aaaaaaaaandd.................. ......

    What can Page do to beat Wand tonight to break this paradox.

    I really like Page but I don't see him having anything for Wand tonight.


  2. I think Page will either dominate or get knocked out fast. Either way this will be a really good fight for the fans. I think they both know this could be the begining of the end for either of their careers. Not imediatly but the looser sure has a lot to overcome to reignite his way. Cant wait.

  3. It's called MMA; very little can be logically explained.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  4. It has to do with a style matchup. Liddell tries to pick people apart by counterpunching. Wandy's all out assault leaves him open to counter punchers (also Crocop), but if he can get through he overwhelms people. He gave up a big size advantage to Liddell, so I think reach was a big factor.

    Rampage could have beaten Wand, but he had no defense for the Thai clinch back then. If he gets caught in that again I'll be shocked.

    I'm dying to see Wand/Page, but it kills me. They are two of my favorite fighters.

  5. Styles make fights......

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