I know you guys hate TUF but...

  1. I know you guys hate TUF but...

    The semifinals have some good fighters!

    Vinny (BJJ Black belt, world champ a few times over) vs. Krystof (Well-rounded)
    Elliot (BJJ Black belt) vs. Bader (?)
    Junie (Well-rounded) vs. Efraim (BJJ) <--I hate all the reality show crap Junie does but he can fight.
    Philippe (?) vs. Croop (?)

    My picks:

    Krystof, Elliot, Junie, Philippe

    I think Junie and Krystof will be the 2 winners....

  2. Bader has the highest ceiling out of the group, but I don't think any of them will amount to much. Vinny looks like a LHW version of Palhares (that armbar was pretty slick) and I have seen Soszynski fight before this, but I have never been impressed with his fights. I think the winners will be like Bisping and Grove aka not title contenders
    M.Ed. Ex Phys


  3. Yeah, it seems the UFC's getting crowded with all the new fighters.

    Grove simply sucks. I don't know how he won his season but his mates there must suck. He has no chin to speak of and no knockout power. Even his grappling isn't that good as he gets pounded Too much by someone in his guard.

    I think they're gonna give Bisping his shot pretty soon but you're right. I don't think he's gonna go anywhere or accomplish anything big before he moves to another organization (Cage Rage Lol)/dissapears.

    I hope Vinny gets somewhere. I wish Noguiera had picked him. 2 top level BJJ black belts working together would've been awesome. Instead he got saddled w/ a Frank Mir who I think is below even his skill level.

  4. Vinny has ZERO stand-up. In a few years, he may develop, but he is way too one-dimensional, as is Eliot.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  5. Picking Junie as the LW winner over Philippe?
    Ballsy IMO

  6. Philippe is Strong no doubt. He's ripped to shreds even when he's not fighting. I don't see anything technical about him though. He looks like a regular kickboxer/MT fighter.

    Junie's two fights before TUF were good. I think technically he's better than Philippe.

  7. They are certainly trying to make it seem like Norver is going to be a contender. It's so hard to tell on the show. It looked like CB Dolloway might be good, but was just a disappointment.


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