Sokoudjou not up to UFC standards?

  1. Sokoudjou not up to UFC standards?

    The UFC's matched him up already w/ 3 opponents. He's lost twice, both times spectacularly. He looked evenly matched w/ a slow moving Nakamura until the guy's knee buckled.

    I really don't know how a guy that's beaten one of the Nog brothers and Ricardo Arona can suck so much against UFC opponents, even Luiz Cane. Luiz Cane was unheralded and didn't have the hype of Sokoudjou but is 2-1.

    Should the UFC release him? Or give him one last chance against an even more unknown opponent?

  2. Soku looks impressive with the chisled look and the dreadlocked hair. I think they'll keep him around at least 1 more fight, especially considering the camp he's training in.

    I'm actually looking forward to more of Luiz Cane after watching that fight too.

  3. I think Sokoudjou is like Cro Cop in a sense....they are both masters at what they do....everybodu loves them.....but styles make fights...and they were both unfortunate when fighting in the ufc...the moon and the sun aligned and they both met their nemesis...any other given day it could have went the other way...

  4. Lyoto machida handled him nicely but machida should be having a title shot IMO. Other than that fight, Sokoudjou is entertaining and has a unique look. I think they will keep him around and id like to see him fight cheich congo!!!

  5. I my opinion Sokoudjou is a crazy fast explosive fighter but once taken down by someone well versed in the ground game...and he simply fades away...key is though to avoid his wild tricks and power prior to taking him down...



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