Sparring in Vancouver

  1. Sparring in Vancouver

    Hey I hooked up with a bunch of guys that are sparring every Wednesday nights ~6-730 or 8 (kickboxing/no-gi bjj/boxing/MMA). Anybody here from the area? It'd be great for more fighters to come, just message here or PM me, thanks!

    It's a mixed bag of people btw w/ different skill sets, people who've fought MMA professionaly etc. (allegedly..) So anybody will Fit right In.

  2. i have a friend in lotus that likes to fight

  3. Lotus as in the club? Of course those guys love to fight, they're gangsters lol. Would he be open to sparring w/o the knives and the guns? hehehe.

  4. i don't know. he's the asian white boy of the gang. 6'1", tats, dives a camaro, and somehow he's... chinese.... i'd have to ask him to leave the weapons out. speaking of that, i haven't called him in awhile.

  5. BTW, location is Victoria and 49th, 2nd floor of the MA shop there. 6pm Wednesdays.



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