Diego's out of UFC 90; Kos replaces him vs. Alves

  1. Diego's out of UFC 90; Kos replaces him vs. Alves

    This is a fair trade to me, although a tougher fight for Alves most likely.


    The Ultimate Fighting Championship on Monday confirmed a report by MMAWeekly.com that Diego Sanchez is out of his scheduled UFC 90 bout with Thiago Alves due to torn rib cartilage. Stepping in to take his place is American Kickboxing Academy's Josh Koscheck.

    There is nothing worse than having a great fight and then having one of the fighters drop out at the last second, said UFC President Dana White. But the one thing the UFC has proven time and time again is our ability to replace fights with ones as good as or better than the original fight."

    Koscheck had already been training for a fight on the UFC Fight For The Troops event in December, and says he actually hadn't stopped training after his last fight, against Chris Lytle at UFC 86. I think hes a tough opponent. Hes on a tear right now in the UFC and for me to step up and fight him, I think its gonna be an exciting fight. Ive been in training since Chris Lytle, I havent taken any time off."

    Though he had prepared for Sanchez, Alvez doesn't appear to be all that bothered by the change in opponents, relishing the chance to fight Koscheck instead.

    Josh Koscheck is a great fighter and I think hes an even better matchup for me, said Alves. Im looking forward to fighting him, and Im gonna knock him ou

  2. Ill go with Kos by UD.

  3. I guess this is a number 1 contender match.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Rodja View Post
    I guess this is a number 1 contender match.
    It should be.

  5. from what I read Kos is still on tap to fight Yoshida in Dec. He wins both he gets the winner of Penn/GSP.

    I think Kos takes this one by UD

  6. kos is taking this one!

  7. ill stick with the pitbull!

  8. Quote Originally Posted by pistonpump View Post
    ill stick with the pitbull!
    I second that..........Damnt it, i really wanted to see that Diego vs Alves fight.

  9. i am so upset i dont think it will be as good but still very fun and now i think kos will lose even tho i want him to beat the pitbul


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