Kimbo sliced up

  1. Kimbo sliced up

    First that was funny.

    Second......Do you think Ken tested positive for a low amount of HGH or something and was told to withdraw so he could detox and it be legal? Or maybe he acaully did get hurt. I heard someone say he did it on purpose but he wouldnt, he is not afraid of anyone yet alone of a clown like that. With all the athletes in MMA latley getting busted maybe EliteXC just tipped him off saying yo you went positive. I love ken shamrock and I hope to see him fight soon so dont think im ripping on him because 95% of me thinks he jsut got hurt training because things like that happen.

    3rd..... GSP PENN 170 january!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!

  2. he cut himself shaving...

  3. Both are jokes. Some guys don't know when to hang it up. Ken WAS great but his time is certainly passed. If Tito can't hold it together against today's opponents, then how the hell can Shamrock?

    The only problem with MMA (or good thing for Dana White) is that they burn the fighters out by fighting them too often.

  4. he better not turn the air conditioning up to far in the car that might knock him out too !

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