Punching Power/Speed Workout

  1. Punching Power/Speed Workout

    Are there any specific areas of the body to concentrate on/any workouts to increase punching power and speed, or does it mostly depend on technique? Maybe a plyometric program of some sort?

  2. Beat up the heavy bag.

  3. Heavy bench press

  4. Hip and Shoulder explosion. If you can snatch, that'd be great, but most people can't properly snatch. Clean and Power Press would be an effective method.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by jas123 View Post
    Heavy bench press
    Nooooow, I get it. That's actually pretty funny.

  6. It's all in the hips.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  7. Power hoola hoop.

  8. Or salsa dancing lessons.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Rodja View Post
    It's all in the hips.

    All your power is derived from your hips and core.

  10. For a powerful punch, you need connection from your ankles, use your thighs as sort of a connector, transfer ALL energy into your glutes which loads the punch up and transfers it to your cocked hips which is then whipped out by your arm.

    Remember to punch straight from your shoulders like a boxer, put your whole arm BEHIND the punch. Don't punch from the elbows like muay thai.

  11. Light bands connected to the wall help... any more resistance than that - and you're probably not helping yourself.

  12. Core all day..

  13. Nice. Thanks yall.

  14. "Want to get better at punching? Punch more" -A wise man.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by Emerge View Post
    Or salsa dancing lessons.

    i love the punching bag. you can also get a sped bag also it helps on your accuracy and speed.

  16. i'd work on triceps, as they have a lot to do with punching strength, and also focus on compound moves like the overhead press, clean and press, snatch, deads, etc.

    anything that is compound in a way teaches your muscles to work with one another, which helps you bring your core strength into the equation.

    i'm not a boxer or MMA guy, so i could be wrong.

  17. ^ It's logical...


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