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  1. Dream 6 Discussion

    All I can say is wow, did not think that Mousasi would take the GP. He beat 3 top flight MWs to take the title (Kang, Manhoef, and Jacare) and has a nice balanced game. I expect him to do big things in the sport as he continues to mature as a fighter. The CC-Overeem fight was a total bust, but the rest of the card was entertaining overall. My only real complaint is that Kharitonov is toiling away against subpar competition. I want to see him face at least a top-20 HW (a rematch with Aleks needs to happen).
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  2. Kind of an anticlimactic finish with the upkick KO, but Mousasi's definitely one to watch and he's like 22.

    Amazing armbar by Jacare on Zelg.

    Overeem was schooling CC before he decided to crush his nuts. Too bad.

  3. Hopefully we will see cc/overeem 2 and fedor/sergei on the NYE show. On a side note, Ambriz looked pathetic. That immobile toad has no hand speed, reach, agility, or athleticism for that matter. He needs to stick to powerlifting.

  4. Yeah I loved Dream 6 great fighters and fights. I was impressed most my Mousasi's bjj. Sad to see Jacare lose to an upkick, but he got caught.
    Aoki just tooled Moore, Akiyama wanted to have an impressive finish that is why he didn't finish the guy earlier than he should have.
    Manhoef shouldn't have slammed Mousasi because he basically fell into the triangle choke.

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