Dream 6

  1. Dream 6

    The Dream 6 poster got released a few days ago Here's the lineup:

    MW GP Semifinal Fights:
    Gegard Mousasi vs. Melvin Manhoef
    Ronaldo Jacare vs. Zelg Galesic

    MW GP Finals:
    Winner vs Winner

    And Tokoro is fighting Atsushi Yamamoto. But the following guys are also there, without set matchups yet:

    Yoshihiro Akiyama
    Mirko Cro Cop
    Ikuhisa Minowa
    Mayhem Miller
    Sergei Kharitonov!!
    Hayato Sakurai

    I'm hoping for CC - Sergei, and Mayhem - Akiyama.

    I think Jacare walks through Zelg easily. I'll take MM to beat Mousasi, but that's a tough fight for him. I'll take Melvin to take it, but Jacare will be fresher most likely so who knows.

  2. Mousasi has been quite impressive of late so I could see him taking it to the ground and subbing Melvin. If not, Jacare surely will.

  3. I'll take Jacare in this GP, barring injury. I wonder if they will have a reserve fight for this event?
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  4. When is this??? I've been thoroughly impressed with the first five Dreams. I was really hoping that they would have Alvarez vs. Hansen on the next card.

  5. Jacare FTW.

  6. Added bouts:

    Sergei-Mighty Mo

    reserve bout : Yoon-Nakahara

  7. i got jacare winning the GP and overeem over cc.

  8. Wow, I loved every fight. Upset that Jacare lost to an up kick, but that is just the way it goes. Mousasi is impressive though, big ups to him.
    CC did not look the same against Overeem, IMO Overeem tooled CC.
    Aoki had a nice sub, looked to easy. I loved Jacare's arm bar, looked like a triangle/armbar.


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