*** MMA Training Question ***

  1. *** MMA Training Question ***

    so i recently started training boxing and have been lifting weights/running, etc. since i was quite young. obviously now i must balance the 2 better. i am primarily trying to drop a tad bit more bodyfat & then i will truly set-up a schedule that allows me to go balls deep in muay thai, etc. however like i said im in pretty good shape but want to drop a few more BF% to around 10-12%. i was told if i want to be a better boxer, etc. that i should lift weights directly AFTER my boxing sessions so that i may focus more on technique, but was also told it is personal preference as well. lifting after seems to not be as productive as im fairly taxed after, my endurance is good to go, i just dont get much of a pump, etc- im not trying to be a "bodybuilder", either, but at 5'7" and 175lbs im in pretty good shape & can lift some solid weight as well as doing a wide range of reps (i dont lift for 4 reps), thus i want to have a solid mix between power & endurance "A LA Sean Sherk", etc LOL (whom my build is very similar to). i like the idea of lifting directly BEFORE boxing as i can do 3-4 exercises, lift some heavy weight w/ some soild core/power movements, get a great pump stimulating muscle growth & keeping some good power which i can obviously apply to my boxing/MMA. thus my question is should i lift before or after boxing? or considering that im not trying to go "pro" is it REALLY that imperative either way? thx all in advance for the input


  2. Are you trying to improve for just boxing or for MMA? Your post isn't very clear about which one you are pursuing.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys


  3. im come from a wrestling background but im going to start w/ some boxing and once ready, progress full time into muay thai/bjj which i am quite aware is a world of difference from boxing.

  4. I lift before BJJ a lot. I am a lot stronger than most of the guys in my group. Having my muscles already taked makes me focus on my technique not my muscles and evens out the playing field a bit.

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