FOX is horrible...

  1. FOX is horrible...

    I know it's not just me, but is anyone else really getting sick of the FOX baseball crap? They have been ruining playoff baseball for me for years. The shameless amount of plugs and the overpresentation plus Tim McCarver it's becoming too much to take.

  2. I find that I tolerate McCarver in order to hear Joe Buck, who I consider one of the best in the business.

    Guys from Holiday Inn commercial, "His voice is like velvet........with peanut butter!" "Swing and a miss. Swing and a miss. You know guys, I'm just gonna take the stairs. Them, repeating,'just gonna take the stairs.' "

  3. i hate fox.

    Its too bad though, i have to watch them for sports.

  4. Buck isn't bad, but the fact that I relate him to hearing Tim McCarver makes him suck just as bad as Tim.

  5. I agree that McCarver really needs to go. He gets especially annoying when the Yankees are playing and he is hanging all of Jeter's sack.



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