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I almost pissed my pants laughing when I read that. Way to work in the baseball lingo...how long did it take u to come up with it???

No bro I just asked because thats not a usual reaction from some one who plays, or played competitive baseball. I my self play competative JC, and have played with guys who are in the show now. I was caught by surprise no hard feelings. So just chillaxe my man....
I'm chillaxed, my friend. Some of the guys I played with in college are getting a bit "long in the tooth" in their careers. That's when ya start to feel old. Kris Benson(Clemson), Todd Walker(LSU), and Marlan Anderson(South Alabama) are all starting to go grey.

I'm just glad to see the Cards get one before Edmonds and Taguchi have to retire. I still retain the pride, though, that I was even able to play at that level. Sorry for seeming touchy about the subject.