Holy cow, Phil is 90!

  1. Holy cow, Phil is 90!

    Phil Rizzuto - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    All of my baseball memories as a child have his voice as a narrator...still to this day. Gave me goose bumps reading that. I can hear and see it still.

    Holy cow, it's in the upper deck! - Phil Rizzuto (Reggie Jackson's [aka: Mr.October] 3rd WSC HR.)

  2. You know i've been getting this a lot lately myself. All my childhood heros and memories of people I liked are either dead or old. The day Sean Connery dies will be a year in mourning.

  3. Hopefully we both will live well enough to be heros and long enough to be old.

  4. It would be a life worth living if that was the case.

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