Playoffs are nearing

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  1. damn, that was an ass-whooping. my baseball watching is over this year, back to football.

  2. Carpenter and the Redbirds are now off to NYC! Both Rolen and Edmonds must get healthier to contribute offensively if St.Louis is to have any chance in the NLCS.
    But hey.....that's why they go ahead and play the games instead of just going on who "should" win.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Beelzebub
    damn, that was an ass-whooping. my baseball watching is over this year, back to football.
    I'm a Yankee fan who's married to a Mets fan so I will be watching them plus Willie Randolph is my boy. My football team (Steelers) is sucking right now so that's no escape.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Trauma1
    ....damn them tigers look good. With oakland as hot as they are it should be a hell of an ACLS.
    Agreed, the Tigers look GRREeeaaATTT! But Oakland is no slouch either. Should be a good series. Almost good enough to watch. Almost.
  5. Unbreakable
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    I don't watch football or basketball or really any other sports for that matter. Unless you have an MLB package or sattelite TV it is rare that I get any good games to watch on network TV, less of course the ESPN games form time to time.

    I live for this! You live for this! The world lives for this! To the TV!

    "It's October! Pull yourself together, man."
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    Look at all these little kids takin' care of the music biz don't their bus'ness take good care of me...

  6. To the TV! That's the spirit.
    BTW, anyone remember when Lasorda lost all that weight and was the slim-fast spokesman? Classic.

  7. Now it's 1-1 with planes heading full throttle to St. Louis!
    3-2 pitch to So Taguchi.....Gone!
  8. 2nd World Series in Last 3 Seasons

    WooHoo.....GO CARDS!!!

    It's 0-0, Redbirds heading to Detroit. (Thanks to Trevor Hoffman)

    Rolen finally showed up, battled, and had professional at-bats.
    (That's what's expected of a professional, Mr. let's have you and LaRussa "turn the page.")

    Congrats Yadi Molina on the biggest hit of your life!!! (so far)

    I'm sure Detroit is a big favorite, but that's why they play the games, guys.

  9. Molina saved the day last night, the pitching was unbelievable on both sides.

  10. Absolutely right.....Pitching was really good the entire series from both clubs.

    Lady Fate just decided on the Redbirds.
    (How else would a .200 hitter hit a "big fly" at the big moment?)

    Note, however, that Jadier Molina is just a baby. Perhaps his bat will begin to catch up with his defensive skills as the years pass.
  11. Unbreakable
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    Caught the end of the game last night. Surprised at the outcome. But lets consider that the Tigers came off of a 7 game winning streak, sweeping the Yankees for 3 and the A's for 4.

    Kenny Rogers going to warm up The Motor City tonight? I'll be watching just to see the tightly wound madman. What is he, 7 hits in 14-15 innings?
    Look at all these little kids takin' care of the music biz don't their bus'ness take good care of me...

  12. All I can say is kenny rogers was amazing tonight. 23 scoreless innings in the post season is unreal....On a side note he did a great job avoiding the "pine tar" question in his post game interview

  13. I thought all you Yanks and Sox were out playing golf or watching football now. Did I say that? I'm just dissappointed that the Cards didn't really battle at the plate.

    They gave Rogers a "hall pass" re: the sh1t on his hand. Regular season game it would have been treated much differently.

    He's remarkable for a 41 year old....hell, a 29 year old. But now it goes back to Busch Stadium where the Cardinals can still afford to drop one. So much for "the AL will sweep in three." I think the saying goes, "it's not really a series until the home team loses." Looks like we got ourselves a series.

  14. 3-1 Redbirds.....Should they hold Carpenter off until a possible game 7? I'm not yet sure.

  15. better game last night but detroit really needs to fix their defense. at this rate, they're going to take the 'choke artist' title from the yanks.


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