Yanks send best wishes to Lester

  1. Yanks send best wishes to Lester

    One of the greatest sports rivavlries of the modern era takes a step back from the game of boys and turns their attention to the misfortune of a downed (but not out) adversary.

    One thing is for sure, NY has class.

    Yanks send best wishes to Lester

    (Sept. 06, 06)

    KANSAS CITY - It sometimes seems as if the rivalry between the Yankees and Red Sox knows no bounds, but there is always a time for perspective. The Bombers sent a bouquet of flowers to ailing Sox pitcher Jon Lester last week, sending along their best for the young pitcher who is being treated for a rare form of cancer.
    The flowers were seen in the Sox clubhouse last night. Lester, 22, isn't expected to rejoin the Sox this season as he undergoes treatment for anaplastic large cell lymphoma.

    The Yankees are particularly sensitive to such serious health issues since Joe Torre is a prostate cancer survivor and had to miss part of the 1999 season while being treated.

    "That kind of thing circumvents all of that (rivalry) stuff," Torre said. "Sure, you can say you don't want this player to play or that player to play when you're facing that team, but the bottom line is that you're talking about a serious issue and all everyone wants is for that kid to get well."

  2. Sports they can bring out the worst in us and can sure as hell bring out the best.

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