Selig says use of HGH not rampant

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    Posted on Wed, Jul. 12, 2006
    Philadelphia Inquirer

    Selig says use of HGH not rampant

    All-Star Notes

    PITTSBURGH - Baseball commissioner Bud Selig said yesterday that doctors who are in touch with players don't believe that the use of human growth hormone is as widespread as people think.

    Selig said he has been told it might be one or two players per team at the most.

    "I don't have any data," the commissioner told reporters while touching on a number of topics before last night's All-Star Game. "I can only trust them."

    There is no test for HGH, Selig said, but baseball is willing to continue funding research to find a reliable one. He added that the use of amphetamines worries medical people more than HGH use does.

    Before testing for amphetamines was implemented, the commissioner said, a doctor told him that he was worried a player might die.

    "I really think steroid use has been minimized," said Selig, who would not comment on Barry Bonds. "Amphetamines, we're doing OK. But we need to stay ahead of the curve and get a test for HGH."

    Selig refused to say how many positive tests for amphetamines there have been this year.

    "Amphetamine testing is working," he said.

    Selig on the Myers case

    The Phillies expect Brett Myers to pitch Sunday in San Francisco, even as the organization continues to receive intense criticism for the way it handled the aftermath of his June 23 arrest in Boston on charges of domestic assault and battery.

    Selig said he has faith in David Montgomery, the Phillies' president.

    "It's always a very difficult situation," he said. "It's very easy to second-guess later on. It happens quickly and you try to be protective of the family. I've been there, in a different type of situation. Once they got everything in perspective, I think they've handled it very well."

    After the derby

    It didn't take long for Phillies first baseman Ryan Howard to be asked whether he's worried that his participation in the Home Run Derby might mess up his swing the rest of the season.

    Teammate Bobby Abreu struggled in the second half of last season after he won the derby in Detroit.

    "I hope not. I don't think so," Howard said. "It's just going back to your normal approach. Obviously, if you don't hit a home run now for more than a week, it's because of the Home Run Derby. It's a little blown up. I don't think it's necessarily because of that. I don't think it correlates."

    Labor talks

    Selig said he doesn't foresee problems with the labor agreement's ending after the season because the union and owners are on the same page.

    "The relationship between the parties is as good as I've seen it," he said. "Nothing is assured. There is a lot of tough negotiation ahead. But we've come a long way."

    Selig said he expects revenues to rise from $4.8 billion to $5.2 billion this season. He also said baseball is headed toward another attendance record.

    The perfect pitcher

    Phillies bullpen coach Ramon Henderson has been the pitcher for the last two Home Run Derby champions: Abreu and Howard.

    So, what does it take to be a good derby pitcher?

    "They have to see the ball well," Henderson said. "It's important you keep the same velocity, so they don't get off balance. Throw strikes. We'll say, 'Take one pitch, swing at the next one.' That way, they can see the velocity."

    Henderson was back on the mound, throwing batting practice, before last night's game.

    - Jim Salisbury and Todd Zolecki

  2. Selig is trying to save his ass. He has been under so much crap during his term, not that its all his fault, and some I think he does deserve. But he is just trying to say that so his program looks like its working, even though I dont think we will every truely know. Plus who in their right mind would say HGH is a huge problem, when it is their problem to deal with??

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