Ex-Player Says He Uses HGH Legally

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    June 19, 2006
    New York Times
    Ex-Player Says He Uses HGH Legally

    David Segui, a first baseman for the Mets in 1994 and part of 1995, says he legally uses human grown hormone, or HGH, and is among the players named by Jason Grimsley to federal investigators. Segui said that he had a doctor's prescription for the drug, because he has a growth hormone deficiency.

    Segui, 39, who spent 15 years in the majors and retired in 2004, said yesterday on ESPN's "Outside the Lines" that he first started using the hormone during his playing career after the deficiency was found when he went for blood work before surgery.

    He said Grimsley, a former teammate, came to him this past off-season for advice about HGH and how it might help him recover from major arm surgery. Grimsley was waived by the Arizona Diamondbacks this month after acknowledging HGH use and accusing other players of using it in a statement to federal agents.

    The names of the other players cited by Grimsley have not been made public.

  2. Im so sick of the media crucifying MLB players. **** ESPN.

  3. yea me too. If one of those damn reportersor regular people even tried to go thru what a pro ball lpayer does in a single month they would be looking for somthing to improve their performance too. I have been on the grind with summer ball for the last 3 weeks and today is out 1st total day off, with no practice or games or BP.I was also playing out regular season schedule during the spring. Holy $hit am i glad. I could barely get out of bed this mourning i am so physically run down its not even funny. My off-season traning habits are up there with the best of them not to mention my diet is nearly flawless. So to all the people who are beefing over the guys who used ecspecially when it wasn't illegal. To support my fellow ball players i stand here prodly and say : ****K OFF

  4. At least they are finally showing how just about anyone can be using HGH/steroids and still not be amazing. Grimsley was never anything special and Segui was just an average player. Not an all star but he was good enough to play for 13+ years. But now its if anyone does anything good, first comment is he must be on HGH. I wish they would just get blood tests, and make the sport clean. This damn publicity is just annoying.

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