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  1. Quote Originally Posted by Apowerz6
    I cannot believe they did such a fool hearted thing !!! Aaron is a great addition to the team, and he paid for my kids at my job to go to games he is such a coool guy, this is sad day in Sox history. see reinsdorf is still a prick !!!
    Actually I think its worked out pretty good, no?

    Can anybody say repeat????

  2. id love to but i dont wanna jinx the team by being overconfident. i will say that my thome jersey is on order. i love that guy. i was at opening night when he got his first bomb. what a rush after sitting thru all that rain.

  3. Well they have def had a great opening this season. I am confident, but we will not jinx em.

  4. oh how i love seeing the sox dismantle the cubs. dunno why a.j. got ejected tho for getting sucker punched... but here's to a sweep tomorrow!! look out babe ruth, here comes iguchi lol

  5. Anyone see that ass kicking the SOX gave the Cardinals last night? 20-6 . LaRussa was not a happy camper. Go SOX!!!



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