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  1. Cool


    {{{ WHO IS YOUR DADDY }}}

    Now, I can enjoy myself at the clubs tonight.

    Oh yea, here something to read....****65195

    Let me go collect my money from these losers...$$$$$$$$$$ {Drinks on me tonight}


    I'm out

    Quote Originally Posted by Prometabolix
    saw it, slow mo, enlarged. He caught it, Sox got help.
    That's what inferior teams need is help from the umps. It's all good.
    You is about to get spanked.

    People are smoking crack if they think that the vid is inconclusive.

  2. damn...glad I slept through most of it. Thank god for insomnia last night. Saved me the time to witness this disaster. Your boy was on tonight (Garland).

  3. Sorry Angels fans, don't see them winning three straight.

  4. talk shizzle when its over.
    last year should be a lesson of when to declare a series over.
    the series could easily be 2-2 right now.

    but obviously it does not look good, just like it didn't look good for the Sox of '04 also.

    If I were a bettin man though, I would have to pick the sox though.

  5. I really could care less, but I think I'd rather see the White Sox win. I'm still bitter about the 2002 world series in which the Giants really should have won.

  6. i really don't give a **** either who makes it to the series now. but i would be a little happier if the angels get knocked out, since they eliminated the yanks.

  7. BOOOOOOOOO ****IN YAAAAAAAAAA!!! I cannot WAIT to rub this is some cub's fans' faces!!!!

  8. if no one cared then why even talk about it.
    Anyways the Giants Shouldn't have won the 2002 series, the Angels were better and secondly I'm just pissed cuz the Angels got their asses handed to them by a waaay better team. No arguing there. The sox looked fresh, the pitching was off the hook and the Angels looked beat and I def. think game 2 just killed any momentum generated by winning the Yankee series and winning game 1 @ Chi-town. Looked like they just rolled over after they didn't get that call.

    They just didn't have enough fire power like in 2002, and VLAD looked like ****.
    1-20. Wow! They needed Troy Glaus back at least that dude was clutch.

  9. props to the ChiSox. Well deserved trip to the Series.

  10. Yes the Sox have done it, and for all the naysayers... you eat your words. But the truth still remains, without the CHAMPIONSHIP, it wont matter. BUt hey the sox made it baby !!! SOUTHSIDE !!!

    cubs fan kneel...

  11. The Giants SHOULD have won game 6 back in 2002, but instead they blew in the 8th or 9th (I forget) and lost momentum going in to game 7 where everyone knew they didn't have a chance after the game 6 heartbreaker. It's cool though, they looked horrible against the Sox and got straight up outplayed.

  12. I collected $275.00 from the bets I made.


    I'm missing $50.00 from this sore loser. {I'm like "Bitch" where is my money!!!!}

    Damn, the city of Chicago is pump-up over the Chicago White Sox. I havn't seen this much team spirit since the Chicago Bulls.

  13. Hey guys, I’m a lucky dawg today because this female has been trying to reach me and I have been dodging her for two days now. She finally reaches me through one of my friends and she wants me to go to the White Sox game with her this Saturday and she has some excellent seats. She is not my type but I did hit it once and she has been hounding me since that day. My boys want me to talk her out of going and to pick one of them to attend the Sox game. I rather go with one of my boys and dump her but she has the tickets. She already said HELL NO because she wants a second date with me but I don’t remember the first date. Why do females think a booty call is a date????????

    I guess I have to do what I have to do to see the White Sox game but the main thing is>>>I WILL BE AT THE PLAYOFF.

  14. I predict the astros will take it in seven.

    What can I say, I'm a diehard 'stros fan and I'm happy they've made it this far.

  15. I guess I have to do what I have to do to see the White Sox game but the main thing is>>>I WILL BE AT THE PLAYOFF.

    Take one for the team, for the team...

  16. Ahhh, that was a very nice game.

    Oh yeah

    What were you saying again??????

    Quote Originally Posted by UHCougar05
    I predict the astros will take it in seven.

    What can I say, I'm a diehard 'stros fan and I'm happy they've made it this far.

  17. well i guess he's right so far since you have to lose 3 to win in 7 right? im lucky in the sense that im an astros and white sox fan. so i can just kick back and smile either way. it's a beautiful thing. naturally tho with the white sox being local it'd be more fun to have them win. i can only imagine the celebration on the south side.

  18. i dont care who you were routing for tonight, that was a great game to watch for all baseball fans! houston needs to reconsider lidge as their closer. he was invincible throughout the season but he seems to have lost it this oct. i think oswalt will get a win for them in game 3 but thats all she wrote for the astros. sox in 5

  19. I'm sticking with the Sox in 6.

  20. Now the Astros just have to win three at home and one in Chicago. As long as I'm dreaming, I'd like a pony...

  21. 2 wins everyone 2 wins. But i am with Nate-Did-dogg sox in 6.

  22. Tonight is the night>>>let's bounce to 3

    Gooooooooooooooo White Sox

  23. Whoa, that was a damn good game yesterday.

    One more and they will take home the glory.

  24. I think the Sox going to sweep it up tonight.


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