ZMK replenishment?

  1. ZMK replenishment?

    Just curious on the eta of ZMK back at Nutraplanet. I've gotten in to the habit of ordering MVP/ZMK every month and I was going to get it on yesterday and the ZMK is out of stock.

    I've still got probably 15 days left of my current bottles but I'd like to have the new ones sitting there all shiney waiting for me.

    I normally don't make threads like this but I REALLY like the MVP/ZMK combo.
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  2. Totally understandable bro. If I am ever out of zmk, mvp, or somnidren I feel like something is majorly wrong with this world

    Matt has been working very hard to keep the numbers up as things are selling well at all outlets right now. I'm sure that it will be back at Nutraplanet in no time flat!
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