Confessions of an ex-supplement junkie

  1. Confessions of an ex-supplement junkie

    There's not too many supplements I use anymore... Currently:
    Protein / Multi / NOW Resveratrol

    I place a big emphasis on training and diet, rather than supplementation. After about 3 years of relying on supplements to make gains, spending my hard earned money, I finally found what truly worked - hard work and adequate nutrition and rest.

    Being a former supplement junkie, I still like to get my pre-workout fix. A little edge if you will. But I don't want to spend half of my paycheck on different powders, pills and creams. I'd like to have one product to use to cover all of my pump, endurance and strength needs. I decided to put the Rag under the microscope.

    Ragnarok: The Test

    Serving size & price: PASS
    I don't like buying something every 2 weeks because it runs out. This product has 40 servings, and seems to last me a little longer than that. Taking it before workouts, sometimes on off days unless I forget. And the price, for what it has in it, is VERY pleasant.

    Ingredients: PASS
    This product has pretty much everything you'll want in it. But the main thing I want to stress is THEY OFFER A CAFFEINE FREE version. I like to monitor my caffeine intake, and only need it sometimes before a workout. The fact is you can become dependent on it, therefor, I wanted to THANK MST for offering caff free. Also, there are many different types of creatines, volumizers, nootropics, and antioxidants in here. So, if your a "non-responder" to one ingredient, there's about 20 others that will get you pumped and going.

    Taste: PASS
    I've tried the watermelon and Blue raz. While I like the blue raz better, the watermelon is a close second. In fact, the blue raz reminds me of last summer, which was not a fun time for me ... so the melon is taking over it's spot! It reminds me of Xtend. There's nothing worse than choking down a disgusting shake on an empty stomach before physical activity. NOTHING WORSE!!! Thank goodness Ragnarok tastes delicious.

    Performance: PASS
    I feel very good pumps, focus, strength and endurance when on this. I also notice my body comp changing, maybe burning a little fat and keeping my muscles full. I also notice some nice vascularity in my shoulders and chest.
    In closing, I'd like to say thanks for providing us with a quality product. I don't like spending lots of money or using 100 different products to get the quality workouts I do with Ragnarok. It's also a pleasure to drink. My all-in-one mass builder. If I want better results for the summer for example, I will take 2 scoops of rag per day instead of my usual one. And if my legs hurt so bad from yesterdays workout, I'll double up on my rag and decrease recovery time.

    There was a time when I was against all-in-one products, perhaps to appease my supplement appetite or drain my pocket. But now simplicity is key, and Ragnarok is awesome.

  2. Great review bro...thanks for the kind words...we truly appreciate it. I personally am happy that you enjoy it almost as much as I do
    Millennium Sport Technologies Representative/Sponsored Athlete

  3. And your review - PASS!
    Great review my friend!

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Iron Lungz View Post
    And your review - PASS!
    Great review my friend!
    Thanks brother!!! I liked your feedback - pass!!!!

  5. Thanks for the great feedback and breakdown review! I'm glad we got a passing grade

    I think sticking to your current plan of hard work great nutrition and staple supps is the way to go. Going overboard only shrinks your wallet.

    Thanks for all of your support!




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