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    What in general to expect from Rag you ask?
    Only a grade A pre-Wo formula at its finest. It depends whether you get the caffine version, or caffine free version. Either way you are in for a nice pre-wo that offers great pumps and energy. The caffine free version gives you a nice relaxed pump yet great focus and explosive energy to use when you desire. I would compare the Caffine Free version to RPM in effects. I did not become tolerant to it either.


    Caffinated version
    -Compares to the pump of Super Pump 250, with out the sides
    -Intense Energy
    -Intense Focus
    -Great taste
    -tearing up the weight room

    Caffine Free Version
    -relaxed energy
    -great focus
    -fun workout
    -compare to RPM
    -Great Taste

    For me I get pumps almost instantly and naturally. Both versions however offered good pumps and blood flow. Vascularity was def visible as always!!

    Lasted the whole workout no problem. I felt like i was still full vascularity and muscle wise after the workout. Its not one of those pumps that fades as soon as no more weight is touched

    All in all i give it a quality review and a great Pre-wo formula thats safe, effective, fun!

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  2. I agree about stim free kind of feeling like RPM in certain ways (just came off rpm/drive a month ago).
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  3. great reviews! i completely agree.
    iForce INTIMIDATE Log/Review

  4. Great way to sum it up TL89! I couldn't agree more.

  5. thank you guys! much appreciated
    ☣☣☣☣Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative☣☣☣☣
    Mesomorph | Hemavo2 | Endurance | 100% Whey Protean | REM 8.0



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