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  1. Likewise B-Natty. Things are good. Starting to reach some goals again and get more cut once again (Thank God) and life is going in a direction that is decent. This is like a reunion in here!

    Congrats on the twins birthdays. It's definitely a priviledge!

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    WOW, I can't believe the twins are 2 already!!! Two year old twin boys...you have any hair left ? :P

    things are good, traveling all the time tho...still going back and forth to China on a regular basis! think I've done 100k miles this year, so far. it's exciting, but exhausting!!! and, I'm really struggling to maintain my physique with the constant travel, and constant change in diet...eating healthy (by my standards) in China is CHALLENGING!!! Everything there is starch, sugar, fat...getting complex carbs is impossible, getting substantial protein is tough too.

    Rant over
    Even though i'm sure thats taxing on your body and your wallet, i'm super envious man. I've always wanted to go to China, Japan, and Okinawa. Im very into Asian culture and true Asian food (even though it's tough on the physique as you said). I'm glad you're still finding excitement in it though!

    As far as my hair goes lol, I was losing it already....it's just on the end of the tailspin now. I just roll over my whole head with a #2 setting on the clippers and call it a day at this point, haha. The baby girl just turned 1 this past week too, so it's really just been all run, no rest. I took a position at a very very busy place as their Executive Chef so that's been tough also. Not seeing the family as much, all the extra hours, and the missed workouts....it's been tough. Gotta make the bucks though!
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