Somnidren-GH Review

  1. Somnidren-GH Review

    I received a sample of this with my Rag, and I figured I would post a review here for you guys. I also took it with a dose of ZMK for maximum potency.

    Taste: 5/10 It reminded me of a very bad mixed drink somehow, it had a sort of nasty-vodka aftertaste mixed with a citrus-y tang. It's definitely not something I sipped slowly despite my initial prediction.

    Mixability: 10/10? I mixed it to the fill line, gave it a shake and drank it down. Didn't notice any graininess or foam, so no problems here.

    Effects: It didn't stop my mind from wandering when I hit the pillow 30 minutes afterwards like melatonin does, but it sure started making me feel woozy. I didn't get the same GABA rush as when I take 2.5g plain, but it was a definitely sedating effect. What was most profound were my dreams; I personally almost never remember my dreams. I actually woke up 3 times because I was having such vivid dreams, which has never happened before. I sometimes get dreams when I start taking ZMA after stopping, but otherwise I'll remember them maybe once a month . Waking up from dreams isn't necessarily a good thing, but this deep help give me a deep sleep.

    Unfortunately I only had a single sample so I can't give you a continuous review, but it definitely has an effect on sleep quality! It didn't knock me out like I was expecting, but I had a lot on my mind and didn't try and calm myself down prebed like I sometimes do; I wanted to give it a good run for its money!

  2. Thanks for the review big guy! It's very much appreciated.

    Just curious, do you take melatonin often?

    The dreams are much more pronounced when stacked with ZMK too

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