SomnidrenGH - 1st Month Impressions

  1. SomnidrenGH - 1st Month Impressions

    I bought my 1st can of SomnidrenGH about 4 weeks ago and have been using it 5 days on / 2 days off as directed by Millenium1 in a previous thread. Thought I'd post up my thoughts for anyone that's interested:

    Effects On Sleep:
    The 1st week I started Somnidren, the stuff knocked me out cold. Within 20 minutes of dosing, Id get this huge GABA rush, get really short of breath, and then just pass out. Seriously the most effective sleep aid Ive tried - for that 1st week any way. The sleep effects tapered off, as did the initial 'rush' as my body got used to the ingredients contained in Somnidren. However, the effects are also *very* dependant on stomach contents. When the instructions say "take on an empty stomach" - they mean it. The sleep effects/GABA rush, etc are *much* more pronounced when used as directed.
    Final Thoughts: When used as directed as a daily supplemnt for GH release, its sleep inducing qualities taper as the body builds up a tolerance to that aspect of the product.

    Effects on Muscle Retention:
    Im ashamed to admit it, but this past month Ive been a total slacker in the gym. Its been a challenge to get there even 2 days a week, Ive been so busy with work and whatnot. Even still, my muscles are still have that 'full' feeling, and I havent lost any mass - or strength. Bodyfat has even stayed the same as it was when I was training harder...I havent been taking any other supplements that could afford these benefits other than Somnidren either. Even though Ive been relatively scarce at the gym, every work out my lifts are going up slightly - and I hit a PR on the bench and military presses earlier this month.
    Final Thoughts: SomnidrenGH seems to have a very positive effect on muscle retention and fat reduction during times of inactivity.

    Effects on Recovery:.
    I honestly havent been training hard enough to notice this aspect of the product. When I lift hard, Im a little sore the next few days - but it seems to last as long as it always did.
    Final Thoughts: Can't really make an accurate assessment here...

    Other GH-related Effects: One thing I noticed when I used another popular GH-releasing product (PGHT), is that after about 4 weeks, my skin looked younger/healthier and my hair looked a little thicker. Im noticing this exact same effect with SomnidrenGH. I have some light wrinkles in my forehead and I kept a close eye on them this month - I remember them fading away to nothing after being on PGHT for a while, and sure enough now they're barely noticeable. While purely anecdotal this kind of effect tells me Somnidren is definitely causing an increase in natural GH production
    Final Thoughts: The GH releasing effects of Somnidren seem to be at least as effective as PGHT - possibly even kicking in a little faster.

    It's nice when a product works as promised, and SomnidrenGH definitely seems to. Especially a cost effective natural GH releaser, as there are so many that don't live up to the hype ,and the only one I tried that did work (PGH/PGHT) seems to be no longer available.

    It's very important to follow the directions for dosing (empty stomach right before bed) in order to realize the full benefits of the product, but that's not an issue considering the benefits of proper use.

    All things considered, SomnidrenGH is good stuff! Nice work by MST.


  2. Hey BV,

    Awesome detailed review! I truly appreciate you taking time to write up your thoughts on S-GH. I feel it is one of the best products on the market and really dose pull through.

    I too have been having trouble getting into the gym as often as I'd like and I am still making progress. I have never been able to do this in the past without S-GH so I'm glad to see you saw that effect as well.

    Thanks again and keep up the great work! let me know if I can help out with anything!


  3. awesome, detailed review, brother!
    iForce INTIMIDATE Log/Review

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