What a cute little bottle!

  1. What a cute little bottle!

    Lol, I just got my first bottle of Somnidren-GH (along with C5, MPV, and ZMK). The pics look like it's a creatine tub sized container, but it's actually this itty-bitty lil thang.

    Can't wait until tonight.

    Me: Hey, bebbe, come on over here and have a drink with me.

    Wife: :gullible: OK.

    Wife: I can't breathe.

    Me: Lolarghharharhahahehehlol.

  2. marketing at it's best


    Most bottles are blown up to make it look big.

    I honestly dont think I would be willing to even try a bottle of ____ if it looked sooo friken tiny. It just doesnt scream "anabolic" out in my opinion. Im sure the effectiveness is what catches the customers attention however

  3. Yeah, when you look at the tub you think, huh? Then you realize that if we were to put that 120 grams into 750mg (OO) caps that it would be a 160 capsule bottle which is quite sizable More caps than just about every other company's products

  4. Well, two nights in right now. I woke up in the same position I fell asleep in, and feel VERY rested, far more so than usual.

    I'm eating my last food about two hours before taking Somnidren, is this enough time to get the insulin out of my system (last night fish and quinoa and a blintz, wtflol?)?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by poison View Post
    (last night fish and quinoa and a blintz, wtflol?)?
    That is some dedication

  6. Lol! The quinoa is actually really good stuff; I just threw it in with some chicken broth and spices, and it was done in 20 minutes. It's high protein, it's a complete protein, IIRC, and it's high fiber. Fish rocks, and the blintz, well...nothing I can say for that!


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