Somnidren + ZMK sample review

  1. Somnidren + ZMK sample review

    First off thank you Matt for the samples of Somnidren-GH and ZMK

    Ok well i took both products about 10 minutes ago and im already feeling effects

    1) i feel really warm, hands are sweaty
    2) im getting stronger tingles than from beta alanine, face kind of feels like its on fire as well as forearms and hands
    3) kind of feel a little "loopy"
    4) breathing feels a little weird

    I will update how i feel after tonights sleep in the morning

  2. Ok well its the morning after..

    lastnight about 20-30 minutes after i took the Somnidren and ZMK i kind of got a boost in energy and was a little restless...but about 10 minutes after that i got in bed, my GF said as soon as i hit the pillow i was out

    i felt really good this morning, i usually struggle waking up in the morning, but today wasnt as bad. i feel like i have more energy. usually i wont get any energy until the early afternoon when i take a pre workout supp

    Overall i give this (these) supps a ...i will be purchasing it in my next order from NP

  3. Right on! I'm picking some Somnidren up soon too, been on ZMK for a while.

    I like the elephant on my chest feeling.

  4. Thanks for the review! Glad you slept well. It only gets better as you continue use

    Thanks again!

  5. awesome review, man! glad you enjoyed them!
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