Big thanks and mini review

  1. Big thanks and mini review

    Free samples and free shipping to Australia.

    One of the only companies (the other being genera supplements) to send me a sample. The other companies could learn something from this company.

    Also great customer service, every email replied to and very fast (and in Australian business hours too, don't you guys sleep?) and friendly.

    There was even a thank you note written on the back of a discount coupon! Crazy!

    Tonight I'm trying Shred XS before my workout.
    Tomorrow I'm not sure if I'll try them all in a stack, or one by one... I know they are designed to be stacked though...

    Anyway thanks guys!

  2. No thank you brother!

  3. My workout was amazing (with shed-xs) the urge to add a few extra sets was strong, over trainers beware!

    Afterwards I had the shakes all over pretty good.

    Today I'm trying the rest of the items over the day and ending it with sprints...

  4. Millenium sport technologies is def a great company!!!...i requested a sample of Ragnarok and a couple days later i recieved it as well as samples of there other products....solid supps, solid company....thanks!!!

  5. I need to request some ragnarok samples too

  6. Well it rained, so I am stuck doing indoor cardio instead of sprints.

    Ragnorok tastes great, it's not too sweet, it actually leaves me feeling refreshed instead of bloated!

    Energy levels are great, when I got up from my crunching I almost fell over I was so light headed, I must have lost track of time...

    The adapatagens in MVP 365 and shred-xs made my day stress free, even though I was sweating and power walking (I knew no other speed!) all over the office today (the office is many floors/buildings of computer labs) I was still chirpy and friendly to the dirty students (I'm a lab techie). After work I was inspecting houses and filling out lots of forms, no stress!

    Shopping, 5km home with 30kg of shopping. Easy.

    When I got home I still bothered to do the cardio mentioned above.

    And this is my low carb day too.

    I'm impressed guys. Really impressed. As soon as NP is stocking MVP and ZMK they will be in my cart with the Ragnorok and Shred-xs. When I run out of bulk BA carnage will see my cart too.

    Much thanks again guys, expect to see a log when my nutra order come through...

    Damn this is a long post, see how tweaked I am?

  7. Thanks for the reviews, bro!!! Glad you enjoyed 'em!
    iForce INTIMIDATE Log/Review

  8. Wow, where have I been?

    Thanks for the great feedback Nelix! I'm glad to see that the samples made it to Australia in one piece.

    Take Care!


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