Whata Millenium Sample Feedback Thread!

  1. Whata Millenium Sample Feedback Thread!

    Well, I got home from a nice little vacation in Destin only to find a little box waiting for me at home. I received a VERY generous sample pack of nearly every Millenium supp. Im only going to be trying each supp as a standalone so I can properly gauge the effects of each one.

    Yesterday: I decided to kick things off with my mini bottle of Ragnarok yesterday before my leg workout. Now, Im not too picky about the taste of many supps...and this was not a let-down. The flavor is very close to that of a subdued blue-razz kool aid. Very nice and went down easy. About 30 min later I was on the stair climber for a warm up...and was flying through it. I spent about 10 min on it to get the blood flowing to the legs and when I stepped off I already had a slight pump to my entire thighs and calves. Next up of course was squats, deadlifts, leg presses and my superset of extensions/ curls. All in all I had at least a 5% increase in weight on all my lifts...this is probably also due to the 1 1/2 weeks I had off from the gym, but also the re-introduction of creatine pre-wo. I had a really great workout, and still was in a great mood by the time I got to work. Appetite remained normal...which is good following some heavy leg work. Ragnarok is very solid overall...much better "feel" to it than similar products like No-Xplode and Shock Therapy (the only other two I have tried in the past.)

    Today: I just popped some of the standard Shred XS...I have the day off from work and need to clean house, my car, run some errands, and hit the gym. Hopefully Shred will help keep fueled for it...more to come!

  2. Awesome mini review! Glad to see you liked the 'Rok. Thanks for the feedback as well.
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