Just an update

  1. Just an update

    I still have all my samples that MST sent me. I just did my first workout yesterday. I have had nearly a two month break from lifting and its been great. My joints are feeling better and its sort of opened my eyes up to things a little. It has lots of bearing on what I have started doing and to see how the MST products, especially the Corygen and Carnage will pan out for me.

    I am not ready to start lifting again, so I am going to focus on other areas of fitness, especially in the form of weighted hill walking, bodyweight exercises and Yoga. My goals with these are going to be to shed some unwanted bodyweight and fat, improve my joint health and mobility and simply get stronger in different ways other than Squat, Press and Pull. I'll have plent time for those and will most likely improve above where I was at due to healthier joints and body.

    So, I am going to take a few weeks to sort of get myself into a steady schedule and shake off this back on the wagon sluggishness and then I will buy myself 2-3 months worth of stim free Rag, Cordygen5, and Carnage.

    I just wanted to let the generous guys here know I didn't get some free samples and used them and never said a word good or bad. They are waiting for the right time! I have a 1.5 mile climb up a mountain that is a ***** to test them when the time comes.

  2. Thanks for the update and kind words! Let us know how everything is coming along. I'm really interested to hear how the 1.5 mile mountain climb goes. That is the true test for C5.

    Keep in touch and thanks for the support!

  3. Mondays climb was not good for me. I didn't provide any details about it in the post above but I attempted to carry a 25lbs vest and 10lb ankle weights up this monster of a climb. Its straight up, for probably close to 1.5 miles winding up through the mountain with all the switchbacks. Anyway, Monday I didn't make it to the top. I probably was around 1/4th of a mile from the top. My heart was pounding so hard I got dizzy and told my Dad that I didn't think it would be good for me to try to go any further. I had already stopped 6 or 7 times to get to that point. It was a bit shocking as if my heart wouldn't come down. I had to rest about 10 minutes before I started the decent. Embarrassing for sure.

    Fast forward to today. 101 degrees outside. I couldn't wait, I had to try the Carnage and C5. I had to try not only because I wanted to feel the effects, but also I was worried that I wouldn't make the climb again. So, 30 minutes before hand I took 3 C5 and 3 Carnage.

    Well for the results- I made it all the way to the top with only one short break. My heart never even came close to pounding like it did Monday. My legs got tired but I had the energy to just keeping picking them up and sitting them down. I am highly impressed. I know its sounds small in description, but blame that on my ability to type what I want to say.

    The C5 and Carnage took me from a guy who thought his heart was going to explode Monday to a guy that pushed the pace this evening. Incredible.

    Thanks MST for the samples. I will be buying these soon. They will definately come in handy when the load increases to nearly 100lbs!

  4. Great job getting to the top! That is a great description of the effect C5 and Carnage can have in as little as one dose. (Well more C5 in a single dose that Carnage) Just think of how much easier it could be after Cordygen5 and Carnage take full effect!

    This is very similar to the first time I used the Cordygen5 blend. I literally felt like I went from zero aerobic capacity to having four lungs.

    Thanks for the great update. It's been very difficult for us to get this point across to people without them trying the products themselves. Thanks for putting it in words for us!

    I think when the Cordygen5 and Carnage take full effect that 100 pound load won't be too menacing!

    Keep up the great work and thanks for the support!

  5. Yeah, that was really a complete mind blower! 1 single dose. I wish you guys could have seen me Monday, struggling to just get a breath, heart pounding so hard you could almost hear it, and then me standing there, a failure. Monday was the first workout of any sort that I had done in 2 months, and even longer since I had done any cardio.

    1 dose of C5 and Carnage, and was as if I had never taken a break of 2 months off. Yeah, thats the best description, it was like I grew an extra set of lungs. Hey, I still got fatigued in my muscles and they burned like hell, but my heart beat nice and smooth, and my lungs filled nice and full every breath and never gasped once.

    Some may think this is just another company suck thread because I got some samples, but far from it. All supplements may not work for everyone, but these two did for me. Nice job on these MST.

  6. Awesome feedback!! I wish I had a bottle of C5 I could send to EVERY endurance athlete to let them know what they are missing. It truely is a one of a kind product.
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