I think I'm a Millennium Fan 4 Life~!

  1. Thumbs up I think I'm a Millennium Fan 4 Life~!

    I recently purchased Kreaceps XS after getting the awesome sample pack from MST...I had a pre-workout supplement so I held off on getting the Ragnarok...but I was sent the Blue Raz and it was off the charts.

    I had been hearing great things about Warrior Melon so I figured I'd do a blind buy on it, and low n' behold, it is OFF THE CHARTS. The profile is spectacular and the taste is simply amazing. I would never get bored of this or Blue Raz. I'm currently using the stim free version because I am cutting with Leviathan. I have tried flavored drinks in the past like XCEED, PRIMAL N2O (Still have) and Green Mag...I noticed you get ultra TIRED of those tastes...I have never tasted a supplement as good as "DA RAG".

    I also purchased Cordygen 5, and I noticed more stamina slightly through my Kreaceps XS...

    All these products look to be staples in my diet soon...Great company!

  2. Thanks for the feedback and kind words TTG! I'm glad to hear that you like them all. We are constantly trying to exceed the industry standard. Thanks you for your purchases and support! We are proud to have you as a customer. Feel free to PM, email or call me anytime with questions or comments.

    Thanks again!

  3. Thanks for the kind words, TTG! Glad to hear you're enjoying everything!
    iForce INTIMIDATE Log/Review

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