Kreaceps-XS Question!

  1. Kreaceps-XS Question!

    I just bought a bottle of Kreaceps XS and I noticed on the bottle it has Cordygen5 and not 3 in it...but all the write-ups talk about 3 being in it and I am curious as to the difference, whether it is more beneficial or not...thanks!!

  2. You got a bonus: the 5 is FAR better than the 3.

  3. The Cordygen5 in Kreaceps-XS is better than C3 from a performance enhancing aspect. The Cordyne3 is a full spectrum cordyceps product (still incredibly strong) but we chose to add the Cordygen5 to the Kreaceps-XS for a bit more O2 utilization and ATP production.

    Believe me C3 is one of the best blends available but C5 is better for this formula.

    For some reason the ingredients in the NP text is still showing C3.

    Thanks for the purchase!

  4. I will be creating a write-up on this today

  5. I wanted to try a new creatine and I was so impressed with the sample packets you guys sent out that I figured why the hell not.

    I was going to go with a cheapo version of Kre-Alklyn from Ultimate Nutrition...I've used Mono, CEE and other blends in the past...Kreaceps sounds promising...I'm actually looking for a staple supplement creatine. I've noticed using the flavored blends like GREEN MAG, XCEED, SUPERPUMP etc you get really, really tired after awhile of those tastes...Ranarok is next on my list after I try RPM. I like the serving size is 3 caps as well...I loved OMEGA THUNDER but 8 caps was WAY TOO MUCH to suck down in one setting.



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