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    How come you sell CEE and Krea Alkalyne in 2 different products?

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    How come you sell CEE and Krea Alkalyne in 2 different products?
    Well the claim to fame with Kre-A is stability. We chose to stay true to the idea of a maximum stability product with Kreaceps-XS and decided to launch CEE seperately.

  3. So you have 2 products each caliming to be better so why from the same company. Which do you believe? Cre-A or Cee?

  4. We have two products claiming to be more efficient than "monohydrate".

    We as a company don't claim one to be better than the other, however in my opinion Kre-A is a superior product to CEE. Now, that being said there is still some solid science on CEE when it is pure enough and unadulterated. We are simply offering variety to our customers.

    We've never claimed that CEE is a superior product to Kre-A or Kreaceps-XS.

    There is conflicting evidence on both CEE and Kre-A. Does that mean that neither are good or both are exceptional? Absolutely not! Do I believe one is better than the other? Yes! But that is merely my opinion. Are they both better than monohydrate? In my opinion, Yes, but; creatinine conversion is still an issue with CEE.

    Some people are diehard CEE and some are diehard Kre-A so we offer both. There is no reason to discontinue either until one leaves little doubt as to its safety and efficacy.

    My choice? Kreaceps-XS

  5. When is kreaceps-XS being released?

  6. Kreaceps-XS will be available at NP when they get everything loaded up. We chose to give the exclusive to e-tailers for a few weeks before we loaded it to our site. It's goooood schtuff!

  7. sweet! im all over it!

  8. Heck on that...all MST products are GREAT stuff!

    Quote Originally Posted by Millennium 1 View Post
    It's goooood schtuff!


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